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mPark vs others

mPark could increase the productivity of each Parking Enforcement Officer by 32%.
A minimum revenue increase by 22% p.a. could be achieved with mPark without hiring more PEOs or buying additional hardware.

  • Cost advantages
  • Implementation advantages
  • Ease of Adoption
  • Quick and Simple Enforcement


Most enforcement officers spend between 60-70% time patrolling. While manning street parking, patrolling is on the higher side. mPark helps reduce the patrolling hours and also ensures parking violations are thoroughly checked. Parking Permits, Handicap/Special Parking spaces, could all be managed and easily monitored using mPark. mPark would provide real time information on parking availability and collections.

mPark Application
  • Street Parking / Offstreet parking
  • Closed Lot / Gated Parking
  • Apartment / Residential
  • University Campus Parking
  • Parking in Hospital lot
  • Mall Parking
  • Permit Parking

Additional Revenue

mPark also provides other patent pending means to garner additional revenue for the county. Contact us, or schedule a meeting to know more about this.

Additional Revenue


mPark has a secure (SSL Certified) payment gateway for both the mobile and website. Users could buy parking credits via the secure gateway and pay through VISA or Master card, Paypal.

mPark uses popular mobile wallets like Paytm to enable the user to make payments hassle free.

The customer would no longer need to carry coins and change and there would be no cash transaction at any point. The system would be entirely electronic from customer to city corporation.


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Brain Behind mPark

Venkat Laxman


Anand V


Vidya R


Jagan P

Technical Lead


mPark is based on 3 patent pending innovations which provides the City Municipality the most efficient and effective enforcement solution in the market. Now PEOs (Parking Enforcement Officers) would be able to make a thorough check of those who have paid and those who have not paid for parking easily and efficiently. They will know where they need to be and would be able to enforce parking easily.

A minimum revenue increase by 22% p.a. could be achieved with mPark without hiring more PEOs or buying additional hardware.

mPark makes payment for parking electronic doing away with the need for cash, hassles of collections and making the system live and transparent. At any point of time the parking officials can have a birds-eye view of the collection, tickets issued and parking spaces.

The first and foremost advantage to the customer is convenience. Using his mobile phone a user can pay for parking in a jiffy. He can set the time he wishes to park and even extend the time from wherever he is subsequently. He need not head back to a parking meter to extend time.

Moreover the user can do away with the need for cash and coins and pay via electronic means. The user also receives an electronic receipt which he can produce as a proof of payment. This is environmentally friendly and is a paperless system.

The City Municipality is able to enforce parking in an efficient and effective manner requiring minimum personnel. The enforcement officials have a separate enforcement App for this. A special patent pending system keeps the enforcement personnel updated on those who have paid and those who haven’t in a way that enforcement is quick and simple.

There are fewer disputes as the system is electronic; complete with date, time and GPS stamp of the receipts.

Also the Municipality can change the rate cards dynamically and instantly as and when desired. It can charge differential rates based on location, time of day, day of week, holidays and other criteria including based on parking demand. The municipality can regulate parking and even reduce congestion by applying appropriate rates at appropriate times.

The other advantage to the City Corporation is that it has a birds-eye view of all that is happening including slots parked in and those that are empty. Tickets issued and collections can be viewed on a real time basis. Moreover the system is electronic and transparent which eliminates the need for cash collections, counting and accounting.

mPark provides the enforcement officials a separate App through which they can enforce parking including the ability for them to gather evidence of parking violations in the form of photos, GPS location evidence and time and date stamps.

The enforcer would be presented with a dashboard on his mobile which would make enforcement just a glance. His job would become easy and efficient.

No. mPark would provide a detailed report of parking availability, ticketing all other pertinent information all without any high capital cost or hassles.

No. mPark can ALSO work alongside existing meters, and the Parking meters needn’t be removed and you could continue using them.

While mPark would be one app to download from App store or the Play store. Every Bill or receipt that they receive on their phone, every code would carry the symbols / logos and brands of the county or parking administration.